I don’t know about you but I am always on the lookout for blogging ideas. So many times I know that I need to add a new post but I don’t know what to write about. That’s why for today’s post I thought I would share 4 ways to come up with ideas for a new post that I have learned from reading other blogs and from writing this blog. 

Number One – What is driving you crazy?

Write about something in your life, personal or business, that is driving you crazy. It could be now or it could be something from years ago. If it is (or was) driving you crazy then it’s probably something that is (or was) driving a lot of others crazy as well. Describe the issue, how it got you to the point of craziness, what you are doing or did to fix it, get past it, or not…ask your readers to give you their comments either on how they handled it or what issues drive them crazy.

Number Two – Adapt a title you like

Read other blogs or articles in magazines, newspapers, online. Identify titles that really attracted you to those blogs or articles. Take the title and adjust it to work for your niche or blog. For instance, I was researching how to get rid of paint smells in the house (see my previous blog – Lessons From a House Update Project) and I saw a blog post that was “4 Ways to Get Rid of Paint Smells”. That gave me the idea for this blog post – 4 Ways to Find a Blog Topic. There are also lots of blog topics that start with 5 Lessons or 10 Tips or 3 Predictions or 7 Items…well you get the idea.

Number Three – Repurpose/Revisit an old Post

Look back through your old posts and find one that you could update with new information. Or perhaps you have one that had a lot of comments or reactions to and you can create a new post about what people said. Be sure to include a link back to the old post in the new post.

Number Four – Write a Review

Have you seen a new movie? Read a new book? Eaten at a new restaurant? Write a review about it. You can even combine a review post with a list post – 5 best movies you’ve seen this year or 3 best books on biking. Combine your review with something that you’re interested in and that will make it interesting for your readers.


Most importantly, you need to be interested in what you’re writing about and your readers will find it interesting too. Your emotion and excitement about the information in your post will keep people reading and participating in your blog. *** To thank my readers I’m offering a free report Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to everyone who signs up as a subscriber. Sign up at the top right of my blog page and get immediate access to the report! ***

    4 replies to "4 Ideas for a Blog Post"

    • Carl

      This is really helpful Susan.
      Sometimes it’s really difficult to come up with a good idea.
      On those days, I often find it’s easier to write and then worry about the title / keywords etc later.
      Thanks very much for some extra ideas.

      • Susan Rosin

        Carl – glad you liked the ideas. I also agree with your method – I usually write the blog and then do the title and keywords last. Otherwise, I’m having to change the title and keywords multiple times as the post gets written.

    • Thanks Susan for this wonderful article
      I would like to request your consent to translate this article into French so please for many people to benefit, and thank you again. I hope you will answer me as soon as possible

      • Susan Rosin

        Glad you enjoyed the post. Feel free to translate it and I hope others will like it as much as you did.


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