I have lived my entire life in California – born and raised in Los Angeles, moved north to go to UC Berkeley (BA & MBA) and never left the San Francisco Bay Area. My career has been long and varied; I have been in marketing, computer programming, systems and business analysis, and project/program management for multiple industries (transportation, supply chain, pharma, industrial distribution). I come from a family of entrepreneurs and although I have worked at different times as an employee for medium to large companies I have always gravitated back to working for myself, mostly as a consultant/contractor.

A lot of my career has been helping people as a marketing, software/technology, or project/program consultant. I am good with people and helping them to identify and accomplish their business goals. That’s why my tag line is Helping people, Helping business! I like to do both and if I can do them at the same time all the better. The last few years I have watched as the internet became a more and more important business channel and it made me think about developing my own online business. As I was working for myself again I decided that it was a good time to jump in and join the fun so I signed up for John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success Internet Marketing program.

That was a great program but I it wasn’t the direction that I wanted to go in. I started working on a Health & Wellness Podcast (Healthy Tips After 50) and found a group that had a broader business base – NAMS Insider Club led by David Perdew and his daughter Jennifer Perdew Houlk. The members of the group are so varied in their interests and types of businesses as well as being more supporter than any group I’ve ever been a part of and David and Jennifer are incredible in their depth of experience and willingness to answer questions and give good advice. Also included in the group/membership are courses, software, challenges, and weekly live masterminds. Check it out for yourself here NAMS Insider Club.

I am now on my way to becoming a successful Podcasting entrepreneur and I hope you come along for the ride!