I am sitting at my desk thinking about what to write about today. I’m not far enough into the Partnership to Success (P2S) program to have much more to say about it than I already have. One of the things that keeps coming up in my thoughts is what kind of info product I will develop and I keep coming up with a blank page in my mind. What I need is a way to keep those thoughts quiet until I get further along and know more about this process and this market niche. So, I will talk about other things I have been reading, watching, doing that will ultimately affect my success in P2S. I have been on the P2S Facebook page since I joined the program and I am so impressed with the products that the people in the group are launching. They are all products I would want to buy and use, if I had a list and products of my own (later…). The other things about the FB page is that everyone is so supportive and helpful – it’s great to be a part of it and I know that going forward I will be even more grateful for their help.   A different program that I am watching and going through is led by Dr. Daniel Amen called Change your brain, change your life mastery! Something he talks about are ANT’s (Automatic Negative Thoughts) – I know that I’m having those kinds of thoughts by constantly worrying that I won’t find a product that I can get excited about developing or that if I do that I won’t be successful doing it. I know that I am not the first (and probably won’t be the last either) in the P2S program to feel this way so I will go through the process that Dr. Amen suggests to use to get rid of these thoughts. It is called The Work and was developed by Byron Katie (who I have followed for many years). #1 – Is it True? – Well, it could turn out to be true. #2 – Can I absolutely know that it’s true? – No, it’s probably not true as the P2S program has consistently trained and helped its members to find and develop successful products. #3 –  How do I feel when I think the thought that I won’t find and develop a successful product? – It makes me feel frustrated and sad and wanting to quit. #4 – How would I feel if I didn’t have the thought? – I would be happier and more excited to work my way through this program and become a successful product developer and internet marketer. Now turn the thought around to its opposite: I’m going to easily find and develop a product that I am very excited about and it will be very successful! That is a much better and more positive thought and from now on that’s my new mantra!

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