Getting further along in this journey to becoming an internet marketer… re-learning things I had worked with in a past career as well as learning new things that I’ve spent a lot of time purposefully staying away from. I’ll tell you about the first part below and the second part in a later post. As a part of setting up this blog I found that I needed to get a header created for the top of the blog (as I didn’t want to create it myself). Fair enough, so I was referred to a graphic artist who specializes in headers and other art for internet sites (Steve at GFX-1 Graphics Part of the order form asked for input like colors, text, pictures, ideas, etc. I realized that I had no idea what to tell him so I started doing some research. I looked at close to 20 different blogs and I was surprised (not sure why) by how good they all looked to me and also terrified because I still had no idea what I wanted my header to say about me and my new blog. Thinking more about a tag line and/or text I kept coming back to the one that we had used for the consulting company I had created with a colleague over 10 years ago. It had actually been my partner Nigel’s tag line and we had adopted it for our company – Helping People, Helping Business. I, and many others, had always liked the way it sounded and the diversity of work that it represented. Not wanting to “borrow” Nigel’s tag line without his permission I sent him a text and he quickly gave me his approval texting back “Helping Susan, Helping Business”. I filled in the order form with the colors I preferred, the kinds of things I thought I wanted, an old head shot / picture of me and the tag line that I like so much and sent it off. I got the first version of the header the next day via email – I wasn’t sure how much I liked it but I knew that the picture wasn’t good, too formal. I wasn’t sure what to do as I have very few pictures of myself. I have never enjoyed being photographed – I am crying in most of my baby pictures – and although I am better about it as an adult there are still very few pictures of me and those are usually in a group. I took a couple of selfies and emailed them to Steve to see if he could do something a bit more casual. He got a new file back to me the next day but I didn’t like that any better. I decided that I liked the first version better but we had to get rid of that old picture. My solution was to have my husband take a few photos of me with my iPhone which I then sent to Steve asking him to drop one of them into the first header and we’d call it a day… The finished header is above and I’m liking it more and more as I get used to seeing it. Let me know what think by commenting below! I look forward to hearing from you!

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