Here we are in the latest chapter of my product development project – how to change from pushing the rock up the hill to letting it just roll down the hill by itself.

Product Development Resumed

I was emailing back and forth with John (my mentor) about how trying to create this product was feeling like a long slog and suggesting something entirely different. I thought that it might be interesting to interview some of the most successful internet marketers to find out what their back story was and how they had gotten to where they are now. The product would be audios of the interviews, a PDF transcript, and perhaps a link to sign up for a product. John said that had been done before and he really thought that I shouldn’t throw away the work I’ve already done on my original idea. Thinking more about where I am in the development and how I have a history of half-done projects and half-baked plans I realized that I needed to complete what I had started (and have purchased graphics for) and not keeping mParadigm Shiftaking excuses.

Stop It!!

I realized that my perfectionism was again getting in my way (see my earlier post on this subject here). Thinking that whatever I’ve done so far isn’t good enough, that even if I finish it that it won’t be successful. So typically me, to undervalue my own work! So I told myself –Stop IT!!! And then I remembered a great video of Bob Newhart’s which you can watch here: After watching that again I am back at work on my original product idea and getting my life, work, and joy aligned with the universe so I can produce the best product I can. Most importantly  knowing that it will be great and will sell well.

Other Bits

Last night we went to see a new play called Miss Bennett: Christmas at Pemberley. It’s supposed to be a kind of sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. It was quite funny and entertaining. Not great literature like its predecessor novel but still I am sure that it will become one of those staple plays that get performed by all sized theater groups at the holidays. Everyone is happy by the end of the play and the audience was too!

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    • Jenelle Livet

      Susan I was watching the mindmap videos and went into the Oh My Goodness mode. It certainly is a large amount of work to do. Then i said to my self. Stop it. You can do little bits at a time. Small Chunks and then of course I reminded myself of the commitment I have made to get a very good product out and get in the rhythm of product creation and promotion.
      I have a big issue with focus so a lot of the time I also have to stop myself from wandering off into the shiny object addiction that I have had for so many years.
      Thanks for the reminder

      • Susan Rosin

        Yes, the shiny object addiction – I have that too! Not to mention always thinking that everyone else knows and creates better than me which is only true when I don’t finish what I have committed to.


    • nancy

      One of my favorite clips!!

      • Susan Rosin

        Thank you for the comment! One of my favorites as well!

    • Lara Fabans

      One thing I also need to remember is that it’s OK if someone else is doing something on the same topic. Everyone has their own way of teaching that appeals to different people.
      After all, we have the postal service, UPS and FedEx just to deliver a single package.

      • Susan Rosin

        Thank you for the comment and the reminder about others working on the same topic! I also have to keep myself from going down the research rabbit hole.

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