NEW PRODUCT ICONI am starting on creating my first internet product from scratch and what a daunting proposition that is! My mind is swirling with the many pieces involved in this even though I have an experienced mentor and guide, John Thornhill at Partnership to Success, to help me find my way and be successful. ? So far I have gone through the following steps:

1.  Select the kind of product and the application to focus on

The product will deliver training on how to create a presence and attract traffic on a social media site. There will be a PDF user guide and videos to support it, along with a FB group.

2.  Research any competitive products in the same niche

I started searching through JVZoo and ClickBank to find other products. I bought some of them, logged on, and looked at what they were teaching, recommending, and up/down selling as a part of their sales funnels. It was really interesting and I learned a lot about how to organize and present the information.

3.  Create a mindmap of my product

The idea of doing the mindmap filled me with dread. I didn’t know where to start or what to put in it. So, I spent a week looking at and deciding on mindmapping software all the while thinking about what my product was going to look like. That’s my M.O. when I’m not ready to put something down on paper – I let it stew in the back of my brain and when it’s fully cooked I’m then ready to put it into a format I can work with. I tried out quite a few different mindmapping softwares on my iPad and laptop and ended up buying SimpleMind which is exactly that – a simple software that made it very easy to create my mindmap. It actually only took me one day to create the map once I started it. I don’t know if others have the same experience but I find that it’s like it all just flows once I sit myself down and start writing.

4.  Send the mindmap to John Thornhill

That night I sent a PDF of my mindmap to John for his reaction and input. John is in England so I hoped that there would be an answer when I got up the next morning. I checked my email in the morning and there was John’s reply – he thought my mindmap was “first class” and that I have the outline of a “fantastic product” and am on the right track. That made my day!! Then he said that I should start working on the actual product and I froze up again…

5.  Off the tracks again

Soon after that John sent me a link to a product that he suggested I look at because it’s also on the same social media software that I’m working on and it had taken JVZoo’s #1 product in sales that day. I took a look and it took me down a rabbit hole that lost me another week until I pulled myself out and got myself back on track (including writing this post). Today I went back to my Partnership to Success training and got myself back on track.

6.  Next up – choosing a product name

Spent the afternoon coming up with a list of possible product names, checking to see which ones had domain names available, and now I’m going to send a possible list to John to see what he thinks. I’ll let you know what the name is when it’s final! I’d be very interested to hear about other people’s experience in creating a product and also your experiences in buying and using products. What have you loved, liked, disliked, or really disliked about products you’ve bought? Leave me a comment below to let me know what you think and opt-in above to follow my progress!  

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