Getting started continued… I stated in my last blog that I would do 3 things by the end of yesterday (Wed):
  • Create the Table of Contents for my new product’s PDF User Guide
  • Write the Overview Chapter of the PDF
  • Write a new post on Wednesday updating myself and everyone else on what I’ve done so far this week on my product and on any other activities I’ve done
  • Here’s my update on each item:

Bullet 1

I have indeed created the User Guide Table of Contents for my new product. It took some time and I’m sure that it will change as I continue to write the Guide but at least it’s a stake in the ground. It also gave me the push to think more seriously and critically about what I am trying to communicate and how to do that. All good!

Bullet 2

I didn’t write the Overview Chapter because I ended up going down a very large rabbit hole reading more and more about the social media site my product is about. But, that’s actually not a bad thing. I have a better feel for what is important to know to use the site successfully. And it has allowed me to see some of the new tools and rules that have been rolled out. So, even though I didn’t get the Overview Chapter started I have progressed. I have some good research material to use in writing and creating the training.

Bullet 3

Other activities – there have been lots of these which is why I’m not very productive on other fronts. Here is how I have spent a good portion of my time the last 4 days:
  • Tuesday night we went to see a wonderful baritone singer (Christian Gerheher) who did an all Mahler program. It was very enjoyable if a bit depressing as most of Mahler song cycles are.
  • Over the weekend we spent quite a bit of time looking at and buying books and dvd’s from Barnes & Noble. They had a 25% off coupon for any item and you could use it on as many items as you wanted. We bought a number of books and also dvd’s. Among the dvd’s were some Dr. Who and Inspector Lewis series – we’re lovers of British TV.
  • Also met with a painter to get on his calendar to have 3 rooms in the house painted. They are the rooms where we had the new windows put in during the summer.

Up Next

The most important thing that came out of this week’s activities is realizing that I am over the procrastination hump on creating my internet product. It was actually fun starting to go through the information and forming ideas. The writing is going to be fun (I do enjoy that actually) and it will be interesting to learn how to create instruction videos.  Overall a good week. By my next blog post I should be well into writing the User Guide and will send a draft of whatever I’ve written to my mentor (John Thornhill) at Partnership to Success. Yippee!

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