Next up is Week 8 of the P2S program where we will be learning the various ways to drive traffic to my blog and start creating a list. I don’t have a list right now but I am confident that I will be able to do what needs to be done to develop one, and a productive one at that! John says that there are “a few tricky bits” this week but I do know where to go to get answers to any of my questions > submit a support ticket! In the meantime, I am on a number of email lists for some of the other members of the P2S group and it’s been very interesting to see the differences across them as they promote the same products with different (or sometimes the same) bonuses and/or different text in the email. It is interesting how each of these people create and cultivate a particular kind of personality for themselves as well as looking for a particular kind of customer. I’m also a member of a number of closed FB groups for different software products and each of those groups have their own personalities. As I do this I am learning more and more about the internet marketing ecosystem and how each niche differs within it. From what I can see there are 2 main areas for making money with internet marketing and it all starts / ends with driving traffic and developing a good list.
  1. Information products to help one develop, make, or sell other products. For example –
    • how to generate traffic by blogging
    • establishing a presence and using ads on social media
    • creating and selling ebooks, websites, videos, training
    • how to sell and fulfill physical products online
    • how to create sales funnels to sell all kinds of products
  2. Affiliate / Joint Venture (JV) marketing which includes:
    • using an existing list to sell other people’s products and services
    • create a new list to only sell other people’s products and services
    • many people also use affiliate marketing to sell (or give away) their evergreen products as bonuses or upsells
A lot of the time these 2 areas overlap or you start out in the first area (Info products) and end up making even more money by just concentrating on the second area (Affiliate/JV). I know of people who don’t create any of their own products, they spend all of their time pushing other people’s products to their own extensive list. The P2S program is teaching me how to work in both areas and in the next couple of weeks I will start developing my own product (don’t know yet what it will be so stay tuned to this blog …) as well as getting set up to start selling products made by other P2S members. It is all very exciting and I would really enjoy hearing about what you are doing in this area – leave a comment below and let me know what you’re developing or selling…

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    • Mandy Allen

      Hi Susan, I have created a number of products over the years in different niches, not all marketing related, and thoroughly enjoy the product creation bit. I never sell anything as an affiliate that I have not tried myself, I really don’t feel confident to put my name to products that are not up to scratch or not good value for money, and the only way I can judge that is to try them myself. It just means I can give a completely honest review when I promote it. I think you’ll enjoy product creation. The most important thing is to find something you have some passion for, it will make the creation part so much easier for you at this stage. Later you may well end up creating products about things that will sell but you don’t necessarily have an affinity with. Good luck with the traffic!

      Enjoy the journey!

      • Susan Rosin

        Mandy – That makes a lot of sense to me. I would also be hesitant to push products that I haven’t used or at least looked at. It does seem that very few people give access to their products through their jv sites.

    • Peter Beckenham

      Hello Susan,

      Firstly thasnks for your visit to my blog today and the lovly comment you left me – much apprecited and delighted you’re finding value in my posts.

      I read your post here about internet marketing products and strategy and to be totally honest with you I’m a little concerned for you.

      Please, please, please keep things simple and take oner step at a time.

      Otherwise you’ll become completely overwhelmed with information and beome utterly confused.

      Regarding the making mkney aspects of internet marketing you are basically right when you mention the importance list building and traffic.

      However, try to focus on just 2 or 3 sources of traffic (free or paid depending on your budget) and become really good at them before you start trying something else.

      Don’t be like many new marketers who try something of a few days and if their results are not what they expect they move onto another source of traffic. Especially with free traffic (well free apart from the time you’ll spend!) realize that it will take time to start generating traffic – maybe weeks or months.

      However, the next thing you’ll need is to be able to convert that traffic. If you have lots of traffic and no way to convert them then you’re wasting your time and efforts.

      By conversions I mean things like collecting subscribers for your email lists or even converting website visitos into customers for any offers you have.

      As a beginner I’d strongly urge you to start building your list as soon as possile as it will becme your number one online asset over time.

      My last bit of advice is for you to focus on affiliate marketing to get started – sire sure having your own products can be a rwl winner for you but not right now. Please be aware of people who are pushing you to become a product creator before you even understand whats going on in this world of internet marketing. Avoind thiese people as they are looking after their own interests and not yours by trying to sell you a product creation program.

      If later when you’re more established, you want to get started as a product creator then let me know and I’ll give you a free 10 part video training program that takes you through every step I took to create my first ever internet marketing product. But not right now.

      Keep focused on learning your first 2 or 3 traffic sources and start building that list of yours.

      Re list building if you need help with how best to get started then let me know – you’ll need a landing or squeeze page that offers your visitors something of real value in exchange for their contact details.

      Enough for now and I hope these comments are of help and interest.

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer


      • Susan Rosin

        Peter – thank you so much for your comment and the advice. I will definitely concentrate on my list building for as you said it really is the “number one asset” that anyone online needs. I also understand about offering something of value to get subscribers to sign up and I am looking forward to watching your free traffic generating video which I received for subscribing to your blog. Thank you again for all the wonderful information you are providing through your blog!


    • Peter Beckenham

      Hi Susan,

      Oops I just saw the comment I left for you and very sorry about typos.

      Did not have my glasses!

      Apologies for the length but this topic is a real passion of mine.

      So many folks make things way too difficult for themselves and wonder why they fail online.

      Actually I have a solution that you may wish to consider one day where all you do is drive traffic (that they’ll teach you to do) to a series of high converting sales funnels with all the follow up and sales being done for you.

      You just bank the commissions – if ever you’d like to know more just ask me as it really works and I use it every single day.

      But right now you focus on building your list.

      Best wishes again from Thailand


      • Susan Rosin

        Peter – no problem about the typos I understood and appreciated your comment and advice. Traffic building is first up on my agenda! 🙂


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