Last week I started learning how to use your blog for income and this week I’m learning how to improve my blog with additional pages, videos, and pictures. Here is what I’ll be learning and what you’ll be seeing transforming my blog in the next 1-2 weeks. Summarizing what I learned last week about monetizing my blog –
  1. How to get set up as an affiliate on Clickbank to start (they are pretty easy to sign up with).
  2. How to place and add banners and other ads to my blog pages, including Google ads. I think that I need to do some more work on the placements of my current ads – what do you think?
  3. Not to fill the blog page with so many ads that no one pays any attention to any of them – especially if they’re the blinking kind. I don’t know about you but I just leave those kinds of pages – I’m not the kind of buyer who goes for the hard sell approach.
  4. Placing ads and code from JV pages to promote other people’s products – I’m looking forward to doing this to not only make money from my blog but also to help other P2S members.
This week I am learning about adding new and more interesting things to my blog –
  • The first thing I added were some new legal pages such as terms of use, anti-spam, tracking, etc. I bought a plugin that gave me a number of pages to choose from and I was able to add those easily to my page menus under “Legal Stuff”. You can see them on both the top menu as well as the footer menu. There were a few more sample pages included in the plugin but they weren’t applicable at this time (like one for being an Amazon Affiliate). I like that there were so many to choose from and at $17 it was a lot of value for the money.
  • Next up in the training is to learn how to add images to my blog posts to make them more interesting. I’m really looking forward to adding images to my posts as so far they have just been long essays which I think can be pretty boring sometimes. Images can add a lot by making illustrating what I’m either talking about or trying to do.
  • Adding videos to my blog posts is a whole other area. I’m not a lover of having my picture taken let alone “starring” in a video… I’ll have to see what my teacher John Thornhill has to say about putting together good videos. The upside is that maybe I will finally have some content to add to my poor YouTube Channel which at this point is empty! 
You’ll have to keep following and reading my blog to see how this all transforms my blog site into a much more interesting place to be and comment on. I’m thinking that I should also look at putting together some kind of a quiz or survey asking people what kind of content they would be most interested it. What do you think? Then I can publicize it on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Maybe even add it to LinkedIn as well where I am linked to over 500 business people. I’m not sure how or where that will go but it could be very interesting. In the meantime, I’m working on learning more about doing things on Facebook. As a newbie I have no idea how to do anything but add comments/replies and like/love a comment, post, page, etc. It’s very frustrating for me at the moment – I really want to show my blog posts on my FB page ( but I haven’t figured out how to link them. I also have been in stealth mode about my blog on both twitter and LinkedIn. It’s a matter of not yet feeling like my blog is “prime time” ready and my perfectionist nature that is stopping me from going public with all of this. In one more week I will take the plunge and announce myself to the world, then we’ll see what kind of reaction I get.

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    • Mandy Allen

      Don’t worry, Susan, you’ll get there. It is a long learning curve but by the end of the course you’ll be so able and confident about it all you will be able to do all the things you are hankering after right now. he key is learning each lesson fully so it sticks in your mind, rather than skimming over it and then having to go back to look it over again. Take your time and try not to run before you can walk, we all felt like that at first for sure!

      Enjoy the journey!

      • Susan Rosin

        Mandy – thanks for the ongoing encouragement! I am going through the videos and making notes as I go to remind me. As with so many things it sticks better when I either do it right away or write it down so I try to do the changes / updates to my blog along with John’s videos. The videos are really good although sometimes I can tell that they are a bit out of date – I understand from John that they are working on updating some of them. 🙂

    • Erika Bock

      You’re off to a strong start, Susan. I’ll be watching for new posts!

      • Susan Rosin

        Thanks Erika for the words of encouragement! I appreciate you taking the time to read the post and comment.

    • Torsten Mueller

      Hi Susan,

      from what I can see you are doing well in the P2S program, and slowly everything will come together. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. 😉

      I thought the same as you about videos, meanwhile I almost like doing them. So I am sure you will get there too. And your first YouTube subscriber you have already as well. 😉

      Have a nice day and keep up the great work,

      • Susan Rosin

        Thank you for the comment and the encouragement. I guess I will have to take my own advice and try out a video now that I have a subscriber – maybe I will actually start to enjoy watching myself…

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