I’m sure you have all had this experience — something is happening all around you but you stay on the sidelines watching instead of jumping in to play with everyone else. That has been my relationship with “social media”, sitting on the sidelines watching new apps come, succeed, get bought up, fade away. Some have lasted longer and have morphed into forms that no one could have predicted when they started out. I have purposefully shied away from Facebook and Twitter not wanting to get swept up in the media tide. I have been on LinkedIn since it started and always found it to be helpful in keeping my professional network up to date on my news and learning what they were doing as well. I have been doing my latest Partnership to Success Program assigned reading, the Bloggersroadmap ebook, to help me learn the do’s and don’t’s of blogging. This is such a helpful reference for both newbies like me and experienced bloggers and I’m looking forward to the new 2016 version coming out at the end of this month. There is a lot of really good info in there about social media and the best ways to use it and tie it into your blog, this ebook is definitely going to stay front and center with me in my journey to success online. I do also need to say that it’s all a bit daunting to me at this point but I know that in a 6 months I will be doing all of this easily, faster, and with more and better content. Adding pictures, links, and video as the weeks go on will make this blog even more interesting and valuable to subscribers. All of that is a preface to describing the next step in my becoming a “blogger” and internet marketer. I now need to get more involved in social media channels both to learn what others are doing and to get the word out on what I am/will be doing. I have always liked learning new things and I have now positioned myself to have to come up to speed in a whole new arena. Time to take a deep breath and jump in! Any and all comments are welcomed below!  

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    • Felix Jarusewic, Jr.

      Good for you, Susan! Continue taking that breath and jumping in and with each leap, it will become easier. I love to follow along and watch as people progress as i learn something new with every adventure. Learn to stay on the edge as progress is accelerated when you are outside your comfort zone.

      I joined John with the hopes of imparting some structure and organization to my business and looking at your progress, it appears that we joined about the same time. So far, I have learned quite a bit from John’s lessons and am looking forward to what is ahead. I am sure you are also.

      I have a team theme of “paying it forward” so if there is anything I can do to help, shoot me a note.


      p.s. I joined to follow your progress. Best success!

      • Susan Rosin

        Felix – thanks for the comment and the encouragement. I have also learned a lot from John’s program and as with you am looking forward to learning so much more! Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you as well.


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