Funnel Product Creation

My product partner Jenelle and I have been busy with our new Funnel product creation. We have a name staked out and a mindmap that’s probably overly zealous — but it will make for a good product if we can get even half of it done! All of it takes time and effort, and doing it with someone half a world away in Australia can be pretty challenging. But I am sure that we will get it done and that it will be something that will help others to easily create successful sales funnels.  

The Product Itself…

We are going to be creating a couple of PDF’s, training videos, a Facebook group for self and group support, as well as a number of very exciting upsells. I know that the product will be a great one and that it will move along quickly once we get the initial PDF finished and then start on the supporting training videos. The videos will show how we created the sales funnel that they (our customers) saw on our own sales pages. I can’t wait for us to get further along and start making videos and populating the product members area with so much good stuff! Keep tuned to follow us as we go through our journey to Funnel Success! (not the name but not a bad runner-up either…)  

Lumen 5 Video

Also am doing Lumen5 videos which I love – they are easy to make and they have a free version as well as a paid version so you can make as simple or complex a video as you want. I’m going to make a video from this text and post it here on this blog post as well so everyone can see how great they are. I think that I will do that for all of my posts from now on – it adds something a little different for everyone! Let me know how you like it in the comments…  

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