The latest on the product creation front… we (my co-creator Jenelle and I) are currently working on a product that will teach people how to quickly set up a new blog, build a following (list), and market to that following. It doesn’t matter what your niche or interest is – the basics of blogging are the same. You can write a blog, create videos, audios / podcasts, or all of these things together. That’s what’s so fun about the world of blogging these days with all of the new technology being created. Interestingly, it seems that the more technology is created the simpler it’s getting to communicate across many mediums. We are both working on creating videos that will walk people through each step from getting a url and hosting service and setting up the blog through to building your list and doing affiliate marketing if you want. I’m really excited about this product because I think that there are a lot of people who are scared that they won’t know how to get online and get noticed. There are so many products out there already but most of them are fairly complicated and become quickly out of date due to the rate at which software is constantly changing. That’s why we want this product to be simple, fast, and easy to use because we do want people to use it. Not just buy it, watch one or two videos if they even open it at all, and then move on to the next shiny object… we’ve all done enough of that!

And now for something completely different…

A really fun new product that I have used and you can see it at the top right corner of this page. It’s a really fun new product – it’s a yellow sticky note that you can add to anything and it’s call MemoChimp. You can easily add it to your… Blog post / Facebook post or page / Twitter post / LinkedIn post / Webpage / Google+ post or page It’s really easy and fantastically fun. You can get your own copy by signing up as a subscriber to this blog (plus getting all of my so interesting and informative blog posts) or by simply clicking on the sticky note itself. Looking forward to hear about what everyone is using the sticky notes for in the comments below!!!

    2 replies to "Product Creation Update with a Sticky attached!"

    • Larry Ford

      This sticky note thingy looks pretty neat. I’ll look into it.

      • Susan Rosin

        I think it’s something fun to use on blogs and websites.

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