I am restarting my product creation – the product I have been working on isn’t working out so I’m starting over. I’ve done a lot of research about the social media site LinkedIn but at this point I am not able to show how I have been able to make money on the site. So, I have put that on pause and am looking for a new kind of product to create. I’m hoping that I can go back later on to use the info I collected to create a report of some kind about LinkedIn to help people use it to grow their business.

Next week

Next week I have a Skype meeting with the one of the mentors in the Partnership to Success program I am in to brainstorm some other ideas. Then I’ll start the research and development all over again. I am disappointed about not being further along in the program and having to backtrack. But, it’s better to have a good product that people will be able to use and be excited about. I just have no idea what it should be… I have a lot of programming and process development experience so I’m thinking that I may be better off going down one of those roads. I feel like I’m in a Catch-22 – I don’t know enough to know what will most help all kinds of Internet Marketers and Bloggers. And at the same time I want to find something that excites me but since I don’t know enough I can’t find anything to get excited about… and I feel like I am going down the rabbit hole and don’t know what it looks like at the other end.

After All That…

I am confident that it will all work out really well and that I will look back at this time and say it was all for the best! At that point I will be able to say…

I have found my niche! I have created valuable products that serve a need, answer a question, save time, and help people make money! I have helped a lot of people (including myself) succeed!

That is a great vision and I will keep the feeling of being at that end point all the while I am working my way there easily, effortlessly, and joyfully!

Help me

Let me know if you have any suggestions for IM products. Tell me if you have any challenges or wishes for something that would make your life as a blogger or social media marketer easier and more efficient. I’m open to any and all ideas – leave me a comment below and be a part of my journey to success!

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