I have been going through the Bloggers Roadmap software program and I have learned that in order to have a successful, helpful blog that I need to stay on the subject, i.e. make sure that my posts relate to internet marketing and my journey to becoming an internet marketer. But, I think that I have stayed on the subject – everything I’ve written about has contributed to making me a better businesswoman and a better blogger. I am spending more time reading about blogging, listening to and watching training videos, looking at other blogs (on many different subjects), as well as continuing to go through Week 5 of the Partnership to Success mentoring program. I keep wondering when I will be adding new pages and links and when I will start to get subscribers and comments on my site. At this point I feel like I am blogging into a vacuum or into the wind where it just keeps coming back to me alone. I know that it will all come in time but I am a person who likes to go through things (e.g. training, books, movies) fast , which sometimes gets me into trouble as I may miss steps or info along the way… Something else that gets me into trouble is that I have so many different areas of interest although I find that they really all intersect in one place – I enjoy constantly learning new things. The areas I gravitate to are healthy living, the arts (music, art, theater, ballet, and movies), the brain and how to improve it, books of all kinds, spirit and Buddhism, technology, and business. The last two have led me into adding a new area by joining the P2S program and starting this blog. This leads me to something that I have learned from spending more time online and looking at websites, blogs, and the comments that people leave on them. I am a stickler for good grammar and especially for correct spelling (I’m showing my age I know…). As a result of the constantly evolving software, especially from the development of mobile devices, our computers, tablets, phones, etc. are now finishing our words and sometimes even a whole sentence. The problem is that our devices are not always picking the right words, groups of words, and capitalization and most people are not paying attention to what their comment or post actually says. As a result I am finding that I very often have to guess at what people are actually trying to say and it’s driving me crazy! I keep looking at the funny side of it all but I don’t think these people want me laughing at their posts. What we need is some kind of product that would help people to check their blogs and websites for typos and grammar mistakes as spellcheckers are not doing the job…hmmm maybe that’s an idea for a new product, what do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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