Week 6 of the Partnership to Success program! Applied to Google Adsense and worked through the process that they have in order to approve you to be in the program and accept their ads. (Something wrong with that picture…) Today I was officially approved and my blog is now showing Google Ads. Now I just need to start driving traffic to my blog so I have people to click on the ads. Next I set up an account at Clickbank in order to do affiliate marketing but again need some traffic… sounds like a recurring theme. I know that people will come I just don’t know when. I should try to spend more time taking advantage of some of the lists that I have already like on LinkedIn which is really the only social media place that I have built up a good list of people. But my LI list is not necessarily going to be the best for information / blogging / traffic building products but you never know who’s hiding their secret interests. In the meantime, I am continuing to read other blogs to get ideas for posts and I’m trying to comment on those blogs as well – especially the ones that get me excited about blogging and have good takeaways. One of the things that I have being seeing quite a bit is old blogs that people have either left behind, lost energy around, and/or totally forgotten about. It seems to sad that their owners never got around to putting a final post or even just deleting the whole thing after spending so much time setting it up and writing posts. Oh, well, no need to get maudlin about it. Back to the program – week 6 almost finished, have most of the technical items under control but as I said above no specific focus yet. I will look around to find some better content to use in my next couple of posts. Any ideas are welcome as to what you would like to see or hear about; let me know your suggestions below…

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    • Mandy Allen

      Hey, Susan, glad to have found you! Persevering with your blog is always a great way to attract visitors. They will come, for sure, and blog hopping is a great way to get them back here, as it did with me! You visited my blog so I am reciprocating.

      In fact when I started my blog in 2009 I was part of JT’s Masterclass and there 140 of us on the course. As time went by most fell by the wayside, most of those blogs have now gone, others are void of new posts, as you have found with others. Indeed I lost my passion for my blog for a while and it is only about a year ago that it suddenly sparked for me again.

      I’m glad I didn’t throw it all in when I was feeling like that.

      As for post topics, well, there are so many different ways to get ideas. I often have post ideas when I’m driving so I carry a little dictaphone with me so I can record my thoughts, otherwise they’re gone by the time I get home! I like symbolism so something comes to me and I create an analogy from it that will relate to blogging or learning something. I have also created ’round up’ posts in the past, so I visit a few blogs that may have a similar topic in their posts, and I summarise them and draw a conclusion.

      Adding links into your posts is always a good thing, it will often spark a response from the person whose blog you are linking to. Look for blogs that are active otherwise they probably won’t even realise you have mentioned them! They should get a ping back notification when you link to them so they know you’ve done it!

      Commenting is a great way to get noticed. Try to get one of the first comments on a blog and other people will read your comment and visit you. Mostly they will only read the top few comments. For example I commented recently on a Problogger post, I was the third commenter, (the blog has hundreds of comments on each post) and I got a few visits and comments due to that. If you leave valuable comments with good information or help then people will be more inclined to visit your blog.

      Oh, the other thing you can do to increase visits is join a few support groups, like PAC (Power Affiliate Club) who all visit each other’s blogs. We have challenges every so often too to keep us all active and interested. There’s a free entry level and you get into the Facebook group with that too. It’s a great place to meet other bloggers too.

      I’ll keep coming back to see how you’re doing!

      Enjoy the journey!

      • Susan Rosin

        Mandy – Thank you for the comments and the good advice. I will persevere and I will find my niche/passion. I’m just at that stage where I’ve been working on it for a little while but not at a place yet where I feel like I belong. I will join the PAC as it always helps to have the group support. That’s what I like about the P2S blog as well.


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